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Monetize your audience
Advertising service
Want to monetize your Audience?

VIP-ADVERTS is the best solution from the web!

Based on "Peak Listeners"*, we pay to our Partners**
until €0,50 per listener whatever the country.

Keep your current broadcast system or migrate on our
servers, the both solutions are available on VIP-ADVERTS

No more 2 minutes of Adverts per hour. To give you an
idea, listen to a Partner here.

Want to estimate your monthly revenue?
* number of "unique" listener who listen to your Radio simultaneously
** we reserve right to accept or refure a partnership
Costa Del Mar
Absolute Chillout
Buddha Beach
VIP Partners
Analyze your audience
Statistics service
Want to follow your listeners?

With VIP-PARTNERS, you access to multiple tools, like:
- "Peak Listeners" in real time,
- "TOP Countries",
- "Playlist radio",
- Daily of monthly "Report" (TLH, SS, AS, ATSL, etc...)
- TOP listeners players (User agents).

VIP-PARTNERS is free and only avaiable for Partners!
To become a Partner you have to subscribe to VIP-ADVERTS.

Already a Partner with us?
VIP Radios
Increase your audience
Referencing service
Want to increase your Audience?

With VIP-RADIOS, you can enjoy our commercial visibility
to increase your audience by incorporating your radio into our website.

Your radio also integrates our Smartphone App avalaible on: Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Blackberry Store, Amazon(Kindle Store) and PWA Store.

VIP-RADIOS is a free service and is only available for our Partners! To become a Partner you have to subscrite to VIP-ADVERTS.

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