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Monetize your audience
Advertising service
Want to monetize your Audience?

VIP-ADVERTS is the best solution from the web!

Based on "Peak Listeners"*, we pay to our Partners**
until €0,50 per listener whatever the country.

Keep your current broadcast system or migrate on our
servers, the both solutions are available on VIP-ADVERTS

No more 2 minutes of Adverts per hour. To give you an
idea, listen to a Partner here.

Want to estimate your monthly revenue?
* number of "unique" listener who listen to your Radio simultaneously
** we reserve right to accept or refure a partnership
Costa Del Mar
Bossa Nova Brazil
Bay Smooth Jazz
Absolute Chillout
Sun Radios
Ibiza Radios
Radio Quisqueya
Deep House Ibiza
Buddha Beach
Funky Town
Soulful House
Yoga Chill
Cool Music Radios
Millenium Radios
SoulSide Radio
VIP Partners
Analyze your audience
Statistics service
Want to follow your listeners?

With VIP-PARTNERS, you access to multiple tools, like:
- "Peak Listeners" in real time,
- "TOP Countries",
- "Playlist radio",
- Daily of monthly "Report" (TLH, SS, AS, ATSL, etc...)
- TOP listeners players (User agents).

VIP-PARTNERS is free and only avaiable for Partners!
To become a Partner you have to subscribe to VIP-ADVERTS.

Already a Partner with us?
VIP Radios
Increase your audience
Referencing service
Want to increase your Audience?

With VIP-RADIOS, you can enjoy our commercial visibility
to increase your audience by incorporating your radio into our website.

Your radio also integrates our Smartphone App avalaible on: Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Blackberry Store, Amazon(Kindle Store) and PWA Store.

VIP-RADIOS is a free service and is only available for our Partners! To become a Partner you have to subscrite to VIP-ADVERTS.

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